Fix Lexmark Printer That Won't Print with Windows 10

Technical issues with a Lexmark printer and Windows 10 can arise due to the printer, the computer system or the connections between the two. It indicates that the user might need to troubleshoot every possibility in order to get the device up and running again to minimize the impact of the problem.

Sometimes, the user won’t be able to fix technical glitches on their own as they involve technical expertise. In those situations, the user can get in touch with Lexmark Support Canada for technical assistance. Our skilled team of experts is there to guide you through every possible step for the issue.

How to troubleshoot the mentioned issues

  • Check Connections: The user first needs to check the connections between the printer and the computer system. If the device is connected through USB, switch to other USB port on the motherboard to remove this as a possible cause. Also, try to use another USB cable. Make sure the printer is linked to mains and switched on properly. In case if the printer doesn't appear in the device section of Control panel, then either it hasn't been correctly installed or developed a fault.
  • Reinstall the printer: Reinstalling the device will also re-establishes the connection between printer and computer system, also replaces any important files which might have been deleted or corrupted. If the user can still see printers in device Section under Control Panel, remove it by right clicking and selecting 'Delete'.
  • Download Drivers: It might be possible that new drivers of printer released by Lexmark replace the drivers supplied with the device itself. Installing the updated versions of drivers also improves compatibility with other software and hardware, overwrites any files which might have been erased or damaged and also fixes the recent bugs.
  • Additional troubleshooting: If the user is facing printing problems due to one specific program, then check for updates or bug fixing for that application, or try reinstalling it. Keep Windows 10 updates with the latest version direct from Microsoft. In case, if the Lexmark device is connected over a wired or wireless network then the user to ensure that network is functioning and right connections are in place.

These are the basic methods to solve the issues if the user requires instant solution.

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Contact Lexmark by phone number (+1) 855-687-3777 for further assistance

If you are unable to fix any issue, in that situation get in touch with the technical expertise at Lexmark customer support number who are there to assist you 24/7. The user can also reach us through our toll-free number 1-855-687-3777 for quick solutions.